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Bolefloor is the world's first manufactured naturally curved hardwood flooring that follows a tree's growth.

Our LiveEdge process manages and tracks each board from it's raw-lumber stage through final installation. Our technology allows us to preserve the natural curves of the wood, thus minimizing waste and giving unique look to every floor.

A small ecological footprint and a natural look is achived by processing every board individually with unique software-guided, advanced woodworking machinery. Bolefloor's optimization technology means saving natural resources. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing but Bolefloor's innovations allow more floors per forest.

Floor Finishing Options

Floor Finishing Options

Wood Apart

Curv8 patented modular technology retains the tree's original shape and grain lines, allowing material to be utilized in an eco-friendly manner and making pattern repetition innoticable.

Each Curv8 module matches perfectly with every other Curv8 module, making an endless repeating pattern possible.

Wood Together